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Who We Are: 

Salt of the Earth kinda folks, we practice what we preach to ensure the spirit of authenticity is ever-present in all that we do. 


As every pearl begins with a single granule of grit, we hold to the philosophy that outstanding execution can only be achieved through honest work, passion and a love for what we do from start to finish.


Our Mission:

Grit + Pearl Public Relations is a full-service hands-on boutique PR firm based in Austin, Texas with a focus on clients contributing creatively to the greater good of the global community. 


Established in 2017 with a whole lot of tenacity, a trusty pink laptop, unlimited optimism and a fresh vision to provide the utmost in personalized and innovative public relations services, Grit + Pearl PR partners with people and organizations that inspire, elevate and continually challenge our creative approach to communications.

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